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Shredder refuses to denounce Foot Clan

NEW YORK CITY – After telling the Foot Clan to, “stand by”, prominent New York businessman and armoured, ninja guy, , is under heavy fire for his refusal to denounce the group.

“I don’t know the Foot Clan, never met them,” said Shredder in reference to the armed gang he leads. “But they seem like go-getters. And hard work is what will make this city great again.”

“Gang is a generous term for these masked men”, contended Master Splinter, chief rival to Shredder. “Domestic terrorists is what they are and it’s about time the government take action and classify them as such.”

Even Shredder’s staunchest allies like Krang, an alien being who lives in a robot’s stomach, can not understand why it is so hard for Shredder to just say he doesn’t support the Foot Clan’s plan to take over the city through blackmail, extortion and kidnapping.

“Maybe it’s because he secretly agrees with them. Or maybe it’s because he specifically ordered them to do it. Hard to say.”

However Krang added that he had used his otherworldly powers to look deep into Shredder’s soul and determined that, “he cares about nothing but the well being of the people.”

Unsatisfied with the idea of putting their faith in the hands of some space whatever-it-is, the public’s ire towards Shredder continues to grow, but he still has no plans to back down from his stance. Rumours indicate he instead plans to shift the public focus to master Splinter and his unusually close relationship with his “sons”.