Leaked documents reveal Trump met with West Coast wildfire in early July - The Beaverton

Leaked documents reveal Trump met with West Coast wildfire in early July

Washington, D.C. – Recently leaked documents from the reveal President had a secret meeting with the deadly currently burning across the west coast of North America.

While the documents do not include all the meeting details, they do show that after some small talk, the President asked what the wildfire’s plans were for the summer. The President then stated, “the West Coast is beautiful this time of year.”

then reportedly talked about how many forests surrounded the Liberal of San Francisco, home to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. At the end of the meeting he thanked the wildfire for coming and said he was sure his fall ratings were going to be huge.

When asked about the meeting at a press conference, House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was quick to defend the President stating he had never said he didn’t meet with the deadly wildfires, and added that Democrats plan of not talking with natural disasters like fires and tornadoes has “produced nothing but failure” for years.

After the conference, President Trump seemed to change his opinion on the fires. “Honestly they’re not such a bad fire. The way the fire just grabs people without consent is the type of leadership I find inspiring. I wish them well.”

Leaked documents further reveal that Trump is now seeking a meeting with Hurricane Sally as, “Any woman that is getting this much attention must be super hot.”