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Inclusivity win! Hallmark introduces golf-free Father’s Day cards

In anticipation of this year’s Father’s Day, Hallmark has released a set of greeting cards that finally pays homage to all the fathers who do not play .

Whereas before the only kind of Father’s Day card featured white cartoon dad’s excitedly abandoning their families to play golf, now Hallmark has bridged the gap by showcasing a variety of other activities white cartoon dads might enjoy.

The set of colourful eCards highlight a litany of other dad-centric hobbies such as watering the lawn, napping on the couch mid-day, pulling up a video to show their kids, enjoying a small black coffee from McDonald’s in their car, driving around to look at ‘nice houses,’ furrowing their brows, quizzing dinner guests on trivia, standing silently with their hands on their hips to watch the evening news, wearing a suit to indicate that they are at work, wearing a polo to indicate that they are barbecuing on the weekend, sneezing loudly with their mouths open, attending their kids’ dance recitals dutifully, and scoffing at every mention of .

The sappy stationery company acknowledges that the nuclear family of the 50s is a thing of the past, and have capitalized on same-sex families by including a 2-for-1 deal on their Father’s Day selection.

What was once deemed “the most forgettable holiday of the year,” Father’s Day is now poised to surpass New Year’s Eve in both unattainable expectation and rowdy excitement.

Hallmark assures all the mothers that they will launch a select small array of cards that don’t focus on all the housework they supposedly love to do.