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Quebec suddenly fine with people covering their faces

– As the province re-opens the government of Quebec has decided they’re actually super cool with teachers, civil servants and people accessing government services covering their faces.

“I know we said a lot of things about how difficult face coverings make identification and that they threaten security,” said Premier Legault. “But we were just kidding. You anglos only took it seriously because you don’t get our French sense of humour and because we codified it into a law.”

“So everyone, if you are leaving the house please wear a mask. But the good kind of mask! Not the bad kind.”

Going forward, people attending at hospitals will be given a mask that they must put on as soon as they enter. Those who wear religious face coverings like the Hijab will of course be required to uncover their face to access government services before covering their face with the mask in order to access government services.

All teachers will now be covering their faces during the day, something which Legault is not particularly worried about now that the teachers who cover their faces normally have been forced out of their jobs.

“It is now mandatory to wear a secular face covering. Just as it is mandatory to not wear a religious face covering. Also we will be on constant alert for people turning their N-95 masks into religious symbols by drawing Jesus on them or putting some pages from the Quran in the filter,” said Legault.

Legault also re-assured Quebecers that they would still be able to talk to each other while wearing the masks, but only if they spoke in french.