How to slip in the fact that you’ve watched Rian Johnson’s modern whodunit Knives Out to people at work - The Beaverton

How to slip in the fact that you’ve watched Rian Johnson’s modern whodunit Knives Out to people at work

We all love classic water cooler chats with our fellow co-workers, but if you’re having trouble connecting with those at your good ol’ 9-to-5, here are some ways to break the ice… by talking about how you recently watched the cinematic mystery masterpiece by Best Original Screenplay nominee at the 2020 Oscars !

1. Co-workers asking if you had a nice weekend? Easy! Talk about how much fun you had watching Knives Out alone at your local VIP !

2. Jenny in accounting is complaining about being bored at work? Agree that everyone suffers from the daily grind, but remind her that renowned actor was stuck playing a certain drab British spy for years and finally shook things up by playing the mysterious southern detective Benoit Blanc! Maybe that will lift her spirits!

3. Did you accidentally call the lady at the front desk Mom? Have no fear! Slip in the fact that Knives Out is all about family dynamics and inheritance, so she might just be in your will if she plays her cards right!

4. Had a little too much fun at the last holiday party and threw up in front of everyone? Remind people that one of the characters Knives Out, Marta, throws up when she lies! You’re lying to yourself that you like these people! You’re just like Marta!

5. Quarterly reports due? Make it fun for your superiors by sending them the location of your report via burner phone so they can search for it in an abandoned building three hours out of town! Just like the movie!

6. Kevin from accounting frustrated with “office politics”? Tell him wage cuts and nepotism are nothing compared to how Toni Collette was snubbed yet again! The Colettisance is imminent and will not be kind to those who did not support her. There will be no mercy.

7. Got fired for talking too much about Knives Out? Who needs a career and friends when you have an amazing film with a star-studded cast to keep you company! All hail Knives Out!

Now you have all the tools you need to get those conversations flowing! If all else fails, you can always talk about how much you loved : !