Jason Kenney's war room unveils new, one-of-a-kind logo - The Beaverton

Jason Kenney’s war room unveils new, one-of-a-kind logo

EDMONTON – After being caught plagiarizing a US tech company’s logo for his government’s Canadian Energy Centre, Alberta Premier has unveiled a new, unique logo.

“It’s called the swoosh, and it will represent Alberta and how its oil and gas industry makes the world a better place,” said Kenney. “The swoosh will be placed on everything from office stationary to running shoes.”

Kenney says that while it’s unfortunate that his war room used Boston-based Progress Software’s label, he’s hopeful the new logo is here to stay.

“Look, I’ve already got our logo as a tramp stamp,” added Kenney showing his lower back tattoo to members of the press.

According to inside sources, Kenney was expected to announce the war room’s slogan “Alberta: The Happiest Place on Earth.”

However it has been reported that at press time, The Walt Company has acquired the rights to the province of Alberta.