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Senate costs rise by a third, productivity stays steady at zero

— After it was revealed that ’s reforms to the had increased the budget by one third, the government has assured Canadians that the increase in no way made the body more efficient or useful.

“Previously senators would be appointed to a party and together they would contribute nothing to society,” stated Senate expert Gerald Briggs. “But Trudeau has appointed independent senators, who form different caucuses, that together contribute nothing.”

“In some cases, these caucuses actually manage to contribute less than the sum of their parts,” added Briggs proudly.

The increased costs include higher spending on research, office, travel and living expenses, as well as human resources, media relations, and numerous other line items that go into not generating tangible change. For example, the Senate Budget Office reports that Senator ’s vicious bigotry “is almost twice as expensive to generate as it was in 2014”.

“It’s simple – it’s just that Senate inflation is different than regular inflation,” explained Senator Joseph Day regarding the ballooning budget. “The biggest difference between regular inflation and Senate inflation is that Senate inflation is far, far less democratic.”

In response, the Trudeau Government explained that it will cover the increased cost of the Senate by taking from a less important area, namely veterans pensions.