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Don Cherry passes Fox News job interview

NEW YORK – Former host of Coach’s Corner has successfully passed his Fox News commentator/reporter interview with flying colours after a televised discussion with .

“We’re very impressed with Don who says loud things and interrupts people!” said Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson Tonight interrupting someone. “I think he’s found his true calling with our network instead of commenting on Canadian ice baseball, or whatever sport he talked about! He’s a victim of the liberal bias in mainstream media!”

Cherry will become the oldest, and therefore most qualified, opinion-maker at Fox News who will speak on issues ranging from misinformed views on women to misinformed views on the Middle East.

“He’s like a father to me since he doesn’t show any love or compassion!” added Carlson fawning over the Canadian commentator. “He’s a manly man who’s not afraid to be a man!”

After Fox reported on the rally to protest Don’s firing, Carlson blurted out “BLOOD AND SOIL” before fake coughing.

Fox is expected to announce the former hockey commentator’s new weekly segment “You People with .”