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Trudeau comes to Montreal climate strike to protest self

MONTREAL – Wearing his ‘We Only Have 1 Earth’ t-shirt and hitting a pot with a wooden spoon, Prime Minister marched through the streets of Montreal to protest his government’s performance on climate change.

Trudeau and his security team joined hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens to tell Trudeau and other world leaders to get serious about climate change before it’s too late.

“I need to get off my duff and do something!” yelled Trudeau heckling himself and his government through a megaphone. “Climate leaders don’t build pipelines! They take swift and immediate action. Greta was right, I clearly have not done enough.”

While the was peaceful, many including the man who might win October’s federal election hope that someone in the nation’s political leadership is listening to their demands.

“Justin, Justin, there’s no trustin’ Justin!” chanted a strangely self-aware PM.

Meanwhile, a protester who was arrested for attempting to egg the Liberal Leader at the march was widely condemned by organizers for not using organic, free-range eggs.