Trump corrects Ezra Levant's tweet rupturing fake news space-time continuum - The Beaverton

Trump corrects Ezra Levant’s tweet rupturing fake news space-time continuum

WASHINGTON – A black hole has emerged along the -US border after US President corrected far-right pundit about his tweet calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin weak.

“No, we actually had a very good and productive meeting. Nice!” replied the President tweeted, unaware of the dire consequences he just unleashed on the world.

A loud crash was heard followed by a destructive whirlwind spiralling near the border between and Montana. A chaotic scene emerged as all facts were destroyed in its wake.

The rupture in fake space-time continuum has NASA worried that the black hole will make those in its path unable to distinguish reality from a bigotted, Russian-bot driven fantasy.

“We never thought this day would come,” said a panicking NASA’s scientist Harold Clobber reviewing his calculations on his computer. “But when two centres of douchebaggery collide and collapse on each other, it creates an irreversible chain reaction and absorbs everything. Not even Snopes can escape its powerful force of gravity.”