QUIZ: We should totally grab a coffee sometime! When are you free? - The Beaverton

QUIZ: We should totally grab a coffee sometime! When are you free?

Oh my god, HEY! It’s me, your friend from university! Wow, I can’t believe I ran into you here on the street, of all places! What a crazy coincidence! We haven’t seen each other in, what, five years? That’s so sad- I miss you! We NEED to catch up. Let’s have coffee sometime! When, you ask? Well…

1. How’s this Friday afternoon?
Shoot! I have another coffee date, a girl’s dinner and two parties that day. Otherwise I would have loved to hang!
Oh wow, it’s been so long- this is kinda weird. Uh… Friday isn’t going to work, I’m afraid. But hey, it was great to see you! Hopefully I’ll catch you around sometime!
2. No problem, super short notice, I get it. How about next week?
Actually, next week is totally swamped with family stuff. But soon, for sure!
Oh, you’re really serious about this? Um, okay, can I get back to you?
3. Absolutely! What about three weeks from now- you pick the day and time?
Oooh, three weeks from now I’m away at a destination . Remember our mutual best friend Rebecca from school? We’re still besties and I’m her bridesmaid! Isn’t life crazy?
I will if I can, but I, uh, have a lot of super important work to do, so I’ll most likely be busy with those super important things. You understand.
4. Wow, that’s… that’s so great for you. I mean, I’m definitely as busy as you are, with my incredibly successful career and personal life. How about next month?
*Message Read*
*Message Unread*
5. Heyyyy, just checking in, making sure you got my last message I sent yesterday!
I’m so sorry, I read it and got sooo busy with social stuff and completely forgot. I feel so bad!
Oh, weird, I totally didn’t see this. My phone’s been, uh, acting up lately.
6. No problem, I guess. So… how’s that month looking for you?
In the time it took me to get back to you, my next month got fully booked. Too many friends to hang out with, ha ha! So sorry! 🙁
My life is just kinda up in the air right now so I can’t really make any solid promises, you know? But like I said, it was SO nice running into you, take care!
7. How about six months from now??
Ahhhh, sorry, I’M getting married in six months! Remember our other best friend from school, Brad? Sorry I can’t invite you to our wedding- 400 guests was our limit!
Seriously?? We haven’t talked in five years! Why is this so important to- I mean, oh, look at the time, I should be on my way!
8. Next year??!
Next year will totally work unless Brad and I get ! Let’s touch base in 12 months! Can’t wait! 🙂
Jesus. You know what? Fine. FINE. If it means that much to you, I’ll pencil you in and let you know if plans have to change. Fair warning, they probably will.
QUIZ: We should totally grab a coffee sometime! When are you free?
You will never see this person again.
You both feel super bad about it, but that’s just being an adult, you know? Watching your once cherished relationships slowly fade away until you’re lucky if you see them once a year. Enjoy those precious moments until they are replaced with babies, mortgages, careers, and friends who aren’t you!
QUIZ: We should totally grab a coffee sometime! When are you free?
You will never see this person again, and frankly, you don’t really want to.
You’ve moved on with your life! You stopped talking for a reason! What are you going to discuss, anyway? If you do meet up, prepare yourself for an awkward hour of incredibly forced conversation about jobs, failed relationships, and the weather.