Person sobbing in bathroom stall next to you really killing the vibe - The Beaverton

Person sobbing in bathroom stall next to you really killing the vibe

WORK’S BATHROOM STALL – Your usually tranquil visit to the washroom took a turn for the worst after someone burst into the stall next to you and began sobbing uncontrollably.

The routine bathroom visit suddenly revealed itself to also be a private overflowing of emotion for this person and their struggles, which you definitely wish was just a little bit more private.

“Ah fuck,” you whispered under your breath when they started manically pulling toilet paper while half-talking, half-wailing about some lover named Riley in the midst of your hot streak playing Tetris.

The situation deteriorated as you vaguely pictured meeting a Riley at a recent work function, but were unable to recall who they had arrived with, awkwardly binding you further to this individual’s current mental breakdown.

Ultimately, after six minutes of uninterrupted emotional terror, the individual gained their composure, breathed in deep several times, and left the stall. After hearing the sink run, a voice say “Okay Leslie… you can do this”, and the door swing, your hostage scenario with this person’s profound sadness had ended.

Awkwardly shuffling out of the stall to make sure the coast is clear, you hurriedly walked back to your desk, now knowing that you have a name to the cries, there’s a definitely a Leslie in your status meeting this afternoon.