Canada’s Wonderland opens tallest, longest rollercoaster line on Earth - The Beaverton

Canada’s Wonderland opens tallest, longest rollercoaster line on Earth

VAUGHAN, ON- Stretching as far as the eye can see, this season, Canada’s has opened the world’s , , biggest and steepest to a than any other on .

“We wanted to show that a Canadian theme park could have a truly world class line,” said Heather Hill, Canada’s Wonderland director of operations, adding that hours spent waiting will be the most intense ever experienced. “Why bother with Orlando when there’s a line even longer right here in the GTA?”

The line is elaborately themed with concrete, metal poles, completely transparent shade cloth, a vending machine that only has Diet Sunkist. There are no washrooms. Guests to Wonderland can purchase a video of themselves in line for the low price of $28 plus tax.

“I was pretty scared when I saw how big the line was,” stated Vaughan resident Kaitlin Suucs. “But I’m really glad I overcame fear. I just wish the line didn’t have the 40 inch height requirement so my son could enjoy it with me.”

The line was designed by a famed Swiss engineering company, and developed new techniques to build a line more winding and sluggish than previously thought possible. The line is not only the longest, but also the tallest, forcing the to a dizzying elevation of 92 metres.

“Despite how it looks. The line is actually quite safe,” assured Hill.

Canada’s Wonderland isn’t planning any new additions for next year but will invest in making some of their older lines larger, longer and slower.

Images via Pixabay