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Party with 17% female MPs lectures on feminism

OTTAWA – A party caucus comprised of less than one-in-five women has called out the Prime Minister’s ‘’ during their filibuster over the budget last night.

“The Prime Minister is a fake feminist,” said MP Candice Bergen among a sea of white men. “The few women who stand beside me today would agree that the Prime Minister is not feminist, and when I look back at my male colleagues I assume they would agree too if they knew what feminism meant.”

The Manitoba MP says Justin Trudeau is in with the Old Boys Club with before being drowned out by the deep, manly cheers of the Tory caucus.

“We have always believed in a woman’s rights such as the right the right to be told by us they aren’t allowed to wear the hijab,” added Bergen. “And the right to go into debt securing child care. And the right to have most of their concerns ignored by a party more focused on a return to the family values of the 1950s.”

Bergen then blasted the Liberals’ low 27/73 female-to-male ratio representation before taking a swing at the Green Party for only having one female MP.