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Totally Retro! US kicks it old school with dangerous arms race against Russia

It’s like, time to get totally radical because the United States government is returning to the 80’s with neon colours, Duran Duran and no treaties to prevent nuclear war.

The whole thing started when Trump accused of not a taking chill pill and violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty with, like total ‘impunity’. Who thought Trump could get anymore Ronald Reagan after that totally bitchin irresponsible income tax cut, but he found a way!

This is just the latest of some real throwback style moves by President Trump including denying gay people rights, extending the draconian war on drugs, and meddling in the internal affairs of a South American nation purely because he heard the word socialism. All this and the Rams back in Los Angeles, Gnarly!

But don’t get too excited just yet, the United States has to wait a whole six months before they can start building totally tubular intermediate that could plunge the world into a nuclear apocalypse, but I guess they could always put a warhead in a DeLorean.

I guess we should have guessed but the US of A decided to keep the nostalgia train rolling by failing to address a dangerous drug epidemic sweeping the nation.

Let’s pray that the impending nuclear war doesn’t happen until after Stranger Things Season 3!

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