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Film trailer boldly deploys “I Feel Good” by James Brown

MONCTON – A trailer for upcoming romantic comedy “Emma’s Love Letter” broke all boundaries this weekend when it opted to utilize ’s “” to underscore clips from the .

“At first I rolled my eyes and thought ‘Oh boy, here’s another dumb rom-com my girlfriend will drag me to in a few months when it comes out’”, said Douglas Murphy, an attendee at the Moncton Cineplex Saturday night, “But then they busted out “I Feel Good” at the moment when one of the characters was feeling really good, and I was totally sold!”

Sources report that James Brown’s anthem to positive feelings, and the confidence to know they were about to occur, was immediately preceded by one of the characters screaming “Say What?!” to the camera, followed by a record scratch. The song then continued to play over a montage of the film’s handsome male lead taking off shirt to show ripped abs, a peripheral A character saying, “Awk-ward!”, and a clip of old, people dancing.

Other attendees are already calling director Chad Munkwick an auteur able to perfectly understand what musical cue would pair with the snippets of the upcoming comedy of errors taking place on-screen. “I was dancing in the aisle!” said Susie North, another film-goer, “It was THAT good!”

While James Brown’s Estate often charges licensing fees for the use of the late singer’s in film and , the decision to use “I Feel Good” – in a movie trailer no less – was felt to be so unique and groundbreaking that they felt that it would be a against art to charge for the use. The National Film Registry has already selected the 2 minute 45 second preview for preservation for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

“And then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the trailer spins back around and hits us with “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge when all the characters are dancing in the kitchen covered in baking flour!”, screamed Tasha Sadler, as she was being wheeled out on a gurney from the theatre for acute excitement induced hysteria.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH, so perfect!” she continued.

Rumours have already begun circulating that an extended trailer is set to be released for Emma’s Love Letter next month which will experiment with using “We Will Rock ” by Queen and “Song 2” by Blur, hoping to replicate the artistic tour de force which was the original trailer.

“Oh yes, we’re very proud of the trailer,” confirmed Munkwick from his office, “which is really great since the movie itself is a real pile of shit.”