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Bruce McArthur pleads guilty, Toronto police still skeptical

TORONTO – Urging the public to not jump to any conclusions, have issued a statement to remind the public that just because has pleaded guilty to eight counts of first-degree murder, does not mean there was a serial killer on the loose in the city’s gay village.

“We make our investigations based on facts,” said TPS spokesperson Constable Garrett Chung, adding that the conviction of an admitted sex murderer was just the one piece of the puzzle. “And the fact is, a formal court proceeding where a suspect admits to charges does not rule out several other possibilities, all of which we’re investigating now. Very, very slowly.”

“We have to keep in mind that this guilty plea is coming from a member of the gay community, so we have to take it with a grain of salt,” he added.

The statement goes on to cite multiple contingencies, ranging from Bruce McArthur lying to protect the real killers, all of whom are unrelated, to spontaneous dismemberment and forced memory implantation, and several others that the Police underline would not indicate that the Toronto police ignored complaints from the community for a decade that there was a serial killer in their midst.

At press time, Toronto Police have launched an investigation to determine why they’re no longer allowed to march in Toronto’s Parade.