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Moose waiting by side of highway to jump out and sue driver

CORNER BROOK, NL – Waiting to charge out at passing cars at any moment, authorities say the public should be on the lookout for a moose by the side of the highway whom they say is planning on intentionally getting hit by a vehicle in order to bring a civil suit against the driver and insurance company.

“The moose just jumped right out at the car from out of nowhere,” said scam victim David O’Dowd, 61, adding that even though he was able to stop in time, the bumper made slight contact with the moose’s knee, causing the moose to fall to the ground and nurse it in feigned agony. “Then this moose starts gesturing over to a camera he got set up, so I gave him five-hundred bucks so he doesn’t call the cops. I was so scared.”

“I can’t believe I fell for it,” he added.

Also wanted in Manitoba on charges connected to a string of CRA robocalls, the RCMP say this moose is now trying his luck with this car scam, figuring his 1100 lbs frame will sustain minimal damage as long as he picks the right marks and knows how to “fall right.”  

Several such suits have been brought on behalf of the moose by Diamond and Diamond, charging “soft tissue damage” “antler sprain” and “emotional trauma” not to mention out-of-pocket expenses and an inability to return to his job of eating swamp weeds.  

At press time, the moose was last seen outside the entrance of a courthouse wearing a neck brace and carrying a wheelchair up stair.

Image via Pixabay