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Munk Debates: Steve Bannon and David Frum to debate whether hate crimes are better than war crimes

– The Aurea Foundation has announced that former Breitbart chairman and George W. Bush speechwriter will headline the Debates this year, finally settling the question “are hate crimes better than crimes?”

“It’s the big question of our era,” said debate moderator Rudyard Griffiths. “And luckily, we got two guys who have more experience than anyone else.”

Bannon, the architect of Trump’s campaign and an avowed nationalist, believes that hate crimes will take an easy victory, thanks to their diverse appeal to both white North Americans and white Europeans.

“War crimes are so passe Like, is it ?” said Bannon, sipping from his morning cup of grease. “Hate crimes have a retro, yet modern, feel. Believing in a vast Jewish conspiracy is the new ‘listening to vinyl’.”

But Frum, who advocated strongly for the disastrous and illegal Iraq War that cost over a million lives, is confident war crimes will prevail.

“Sure, I can respect the passion behind hate crimes,” said David Frum, a twinkle in his cold, dead eyes. “But as someone who is now an Atlantic senior editor and MSNBC contributor I’m living proof that war crimes pay the best.”

The will also feature several smaller events, including a debate on gun control featuring Alex Jones debating his own psychosis, a debate about whether #MeToo has gone too far with Harvey Weinstein and Louis CK, and a debate between Margaret Wente and Barbara Kay that will finally settle which one of them is Margaret Wente and which is Barbara Kay.

“Some people might protest, but this event is all about open conversation about important ideas,” said Griffiths. “We cover the entire spectrum, from right-wing warmongers to ultra right-wing hatemongers.”

“Besides, isn’t legitimizing dangerous ideology what the Munk Debates are all about?”

At press time, Griffith’s only regret was that they couldn’t get war luminary Henry Kissinger to do his second Munk Debate.