Louis CK locks door of Comedy Cellar, tells audience, "This will only take 7-10 minutes" - The Beaverton

Louis CK locks door of Comedy Cellar, tells audience, “This will only take 7-10 minutes”

NEW YORK CITY – Audience members at New York’s famed Comedy Cellar reported that last night disgraced comedian Louis CK locked them in the room to watch him, insisting, “I promise it won’t take too long for me to finish.”

“I just have been feeling so tense, I really need to let this out,” explained CK on stage to an audience who were not allowed to leave. “Oh, it feels so good to finally get to do this again,” he added, to a mix of uncertain giggles.

“It felt weird,” said forcibly confined audience member Claudia Ambrose. “I mean I know that technically I could have used the fire exit or caused a scene so he’d let me leave, but then who knows if they’d ever let me come back to that venue. I just figured it would cause less trouble to let him get it over with.”

Since Louis CK admitted his sexual misconduct last November, he has not forced anybody to watch him before last night’s surprise appearance, in which he did apologize for having allowed himself to be “so loved and admired and worshipped”. Audience members were reminded not to use their phone cameras during his set “so that this can stay our little secret.”

“Is it okay with you if I go a little longer?” CK reportedly asked toward the end of his set, apparently interpreting the audience’s silence as a ‘yes’ before adding “I know it’s bad, but at least I asked your consent. I always do that!”

As CK concluded his set and audience members gathered their things and made it clear that they wished to leave, Aziz Ansari arrived on stage and declared that “Unless I’m misreading the moment here, I’m pretty sure this crowd is ready for more!”

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