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Local fly is certain THIS window is the way out

LIVING ROOM – A is convinced that after numerous false starts and collisions, he’s finally figured out how to get back outside.

“I’m feeling really good about this window,” the fly said, adjusting his flight pattern to approach it. “I know haven’t always had the best judgement about this kind of thing, but this window, the one right in front of me, is clearly the way out. I’ve done my homework this time. It looks like the outside, so… yeah, it’s definitely the way out.”

The fly, who accidentally flew into the living room a week ago through an open sliding door, has spent over half of his life searching for a way out. His determination and grit has all of the other in the room closely following his quest.

“We’re all rooting for him, that’s for sure,” said local corner spider Charlotte (no relation). “He’s had some very public setbacks. The mirror incident, those two days he thought a light bulb was the sun, the other mirror incident. But the kid’s got heart and I think he’ll eventually persevere. And if he doesn’t, he knows he’s always welcome to kick back with me in my parlor.”

At press time, the fly had given up on the window he was certain was the way out after spending three hours bumping into it and was considering going back to law .