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Fans worry The Big Bang Theory will end without revealing which nerd is the horniest

HOLLYWOOD – Ever since last week’s announcement that the upcoming 12th season of would be the show’s last, fans have been expressing concern that the show would never resolve the central mystery of which stereotypical nerd character needed to get some more than the others.

“For 12 seasons millions of die hard fans, or ‘Bangers’ as they prefer to be called, have tuned in to find out which lustful dork was the randiest,” said EW writer Fatima Gilani. “But now they’re worried the show is going to pull a Lost and leave all our questions unanswered.”

“Is it Howard? Is it Raj? Is it the one whose name I can never remember even though I think he is supposed to be the lead character? Or maybe it’s a dark horse like Sheldon or one of the girl nerds. We need to know!”

The show has evolved quite a bit in the decade plus it has been on air, evolving from a show about 4 nerds and 1 hot chick eating Chinese food together to a show about 4 nerds and 3 hot chicks eating Chinese food together. What has never changed however, is the powerful need to Boink that motivates nearly all the plot lines.

“In the beginning I was sure it was Howard. But now I don’t know. The guy who runs the comic book store they always go to looks like he really needs to get it wet,” said Clark Deprise of Wyoming.

However series creator and EP Bill Prady sought to reassure fans that there would be closure.

“I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say the season finale might just see Sheldon invent something called the HornyMeter.”

Prady added that the final season would also answer the other main question posed by the show over the years: why do elevators never work?

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