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Brand’s ‘About Us’ page only raises more questions

– After a successfully ubiquitous, cross-platform ad campaign that asked if they are good #inspirementalists, the brand Inspirementalism Inc. has enjoyed unprecedented growth. However, many that have visited the ‘About Us’ page on their website have left with more questions than answers.

According to the brand’s website, Inspirementalism Inc. is “a sustainable organization committed to creating authentic consumer experiences.”

The self-aggrandizing section goes on to proclaim, “We believe in engaging engagement by disrupting cross- mindfulness. As a brand operating in a post-brand world, we feel a responsibility to not only be to be transparency itself.”

Inspirementalism Inc. further describes itself as, “a small family business of over 200,000 employees worldwide.” The page ends on the brand’s promise: “Our commitment to inspiring you is what drives our innovation and interpersonal value extrusion for increased global thinking. Like, follow and subscribe to ensure that you are improving as a #inspirementalist on a daily basis as paradigms shift organically.”

“Are we living in a post-brand world?” Carla Graham, a 29-year-old web designer, asked after reading the brand’s about page. “What is cross-demographic mindfulness? Was this written by a person or ?”

Though the ‘About Us” page raised its fair share of questions, the most persistent questions remained, “What does this brand actually do, and am I a good inspirementalist?”

When reached for comment, a company rep for Inspirementalism Inc. explained that the brand produces boxer briefs, sugar-free gum, and oil spills.