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Free speech guardian suing university for saying mean stuff about him

WATERLOO, ON – University professor and free-speech champion is bravely stepping up to fight back against some “really mean stuff” said about him by professors at University.

In 2017, an audio clip of Laurier professors expressing a distaste for Peterson’s ideologies was shared online. Peterson has courageously decided to take legal action because he dislikes how these professors described him in a private meeting.

“I just can’t believe they would use such extreme language, going so far as to compare me to Hitler — why didn’t they consider how it would make me feel?” said Peterson, who gained notoriety for refusing to offer a trans student the basic respect of using their preferred pronoun.

“If my name is irrevocably tainted by people saying they don’t like me, how can I continue my fight to stand up for ?”

A staff member told sources “We didn’t think that our words would even get to him. It was an internal meeting.” Laurier has yet to officially respond to the recent suit and it is unknown how they will argue their way out of expressing their own opinions.

According to Peterson, the discourse that happened a year ago between people nobody has heard of could really threaten the loyalty of his ultra-conservative fan-base. “Before this, my followers had never heard of anyone disagreeing with me. This is really going to shatter their worldview.”

Thanks to the university professor’s brave decision to strike back against the tyranny of academic discussion, he can continue his altruistic campaign to liberate society from the oppression of preferred pronouns while cultivating positive opinions about himself (or he’ll sue).