Jagmeet Singh attends Quebec sovereignty rally for “human rights” - The Beaverton

Jagmeet Singh attends Quebec sovereignty rally for “human rights”

LONGUEUIL, QC – NDP Leader has attended a rally for stating that he only attended for the sake “human rights.”

“It’s not my place to have an opinion on whether Quebec should become sovereign from Canada; I’m just a leader of a major federal party,” explained Singh speaking in French. “I wanted to share the views that I don’t have with others about the long history of discrimination and oppression of the Quebecois, but to clarify, I have no position on Quebec sovereignty.”

When pressed with further questions about the rally that shouted such slogans as “Vive le Québec libre” and the burning of a Canadian flag, Singh remained coy about his position similar to his views on an independent Sikh state.

“That’s how some people express themselves and they have every right to,” Singh said, winking twice. “Quebec has a place in Canada, maybe, and can choose its own path if it so desires. I’m just here to give my non-opinion and remind them that they have every right protest.”

The 39-year-old leader says that he hopes to return to campaigning for the NDP, but can’t stop himself from saying yes to self-determination rally invitations.

“I have the Basque rally tomorrow, a Free Biafra protest later this week, and like a dozen groups from the Middle East who want me in April for moral support in their right to protest. Being a leader can be exhausting.”