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Ryans Gosling and Reynolds accidentally go to each other’s homes after Golden Globes

HOLLYWOOD, CA – After attending Golden Globes in Los Angeles, two Hollywood hunks, Ryans Gosling and Reynolds, inadvertently went home to each other’s houses after the lavish event.

The Canadian-born actors, children’s charity advocates, fathers of two, and noted Ryans reportedly took each other’s transportation, accompanied by each other’s partners, after a mix-up outside the venue.

“As near as we can tell, they were both having their cars brought around at the same time,” explained event organizer Sharene Marks. “They must have both heard ‘Hey, Ryan, the car’s here’ at the same time and just picked a car.”

“The wrong car,” as it turns out.

Sources say Reynolds accidentally travelled to Gosling’s Los Feliz home with Gosling’s partner of six years, Eva Mendes. Luckily the more talkative and salacious of the Ryans revealed himself by making an off-colour joke, but only after settling into the house, making and eating a sandwich, addressing Gosling’s children as his own, and preparing for bed.

“I don’t know how long I would have gone without realizing he wasn’t my Ryan if he hadn’t made that wisecrack,” explained Mendes. “And I’ve met Ryan before, multiple times. But I guess they were always standing near each other. So maybe that made it easier?”

Meanwhile, Gosling was headed all the way to his fellow Ryan’s home in Bedford, New York, accompanied by Reynold’s spouse Blake Lively. His error was not realized by himself or Lively at any point during the six-hour flight, and would not be discovered until twenty minutes after he entered the house.

“He was just standing in the kitchen, meaningfully glaring at the layout of the house, as if something was wrong but he couldn’t put his finger on what,” explained Lively. “Then the dog started going nuts, as if she alone was sure that something wasn’t right. That’s what tipped me off. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it actually took the dog for me to figure it out.”

“By then [Gosling] was just going around, opening all the cupboards and staring at their contents, shaking his head,” added Lively. “I told him I was Blake Lively and he had gone to the wrong house. He stared at me for, like, 45 seconds, looked at his hands, and left without saying a word. I hope he’s alright.”

Ryans Gosling and Reynolds are currently being reintroduced to their original homes, and being rehabilitated with the help of Hollywood peers who have experienced similar trauma: Ices Cube and T, and Dylan McDermott. Or is it Dermot Mulroney?… Whichever one is the tall one.

Images by Gage Skidmore