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Report: the real NAFTA was in our hearts all along

Washington, DC- After months of tense negotiations between , , and the US over free trade throughout the continent it has been discovered that real has been in our all along.

“For so long we have been arguing about trade gaps or how much of a car needs to be manufactured where” said Minister of Foreign Affairs . “But nothing can destroy the NAFTA that is in our hearts. You just have to believe and the tariffs will disappear.”

“This is a major change to how we think about trade in North America.” said University of Toronto economics professor Samuel Merchant. “For years we defined it as a an area of free trade between the US, Canada and Mexico but it turned out to be the warm fuzzy feeling you get in your heart when you and your neighbours help each other. The implications are staggering. What if the Charter of human rights is in our pancreas?”

Though the appears to be inching closer to abandoning the deal, many are now arguing that NAFTA will remain unchanged if people keep free access to markets alive within themselves.

Not all parties have been as positive about the recent revelations of the nature of NAFTA. Several pro- super pacs have begun running including anti Nafta advertisements. These campaigns include “Keep Mexico and Canada out of American hearts”, and “Thoughts of other countries destroy american jobs.”

Sources are reporting the NAFTA in our hearts has been destroyed by disagreements over softwood lumber tariffs.

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