Andrew Scheer takes decisive action after Senator Beyak's 2,647th racist comment - The Beaverton

Andrew Scheer takes decisive action after Senator Beyak’s 2,647th racist comment

– Conservative Party Leader has made a swift decision after removing Senator Lynn from party caucus after her 2,647th dumbfoundingly racist comment towards indigenous people.

“As leader, I had to react immediately to something that she has been saying for years,” Scheer said in a statement. “After she praised the ‘good’ of residential schools back in March, I knew I would have to do something real like ignoring her comments entirely if I became leader.”

The Conservative Leader said that racism will not be tolerated unless it’s the first two thousand or so instances.

When the Senator suggested that indigenous people should give up their status cards for a citizenship card in September, Scheer explained that party leadership immediately sent out an en masse to Parliamentarians about cultural sensitivity training, and a gentle reminder to keep any bigoted beliefs to a dull roar.

“I was unable to predict that, after degrading a group of people 2,645 times, she would do it again,” Scheer said with a shrug of his shoulders. “I thought she learned her lesson after I gave her a tacit, unspoken punishment.”

Scheer said that his party remains one of tolerance, such as tolerating a politician who posted racist letters describing indigenous people as lazy and incestous onto her website so long as she took them down at his request.

Scheer said that he came to the prompt decision after Beyak refused his demand that she take down the letters.

“There’s certain things I’ll tolerate in my party: for example, blatant, incessant racism. But disobeying me? That crosses the line.”