Google Maps error sends local couple to howling void - The Beaverton

Google Maps error sends local couple to howling void

HOWLING VOID – Charlaine and Zach Cooper are livid after an error in their app caused them to drive straight into the howling void.

“You hear about Google accidentally sending people to the middle of the Australian Outback or to the bottom of a lake,” Charlaine said, struggling to make herself heard as the wailing reached yet an even more frenzied pitch. “But for Google to send to a nightmare dimension of screaming nothingness? That’s the kind of sloppiness you’d expect from Yahoo.”

The couple is hopeful that they will find their way out of the void before the howling drives them insane, but, in the meantime, would like to find a lawyer also trapped in the loud, misty oblivion who can help them figure out if this scenario is covered in their user agreement.

“At least when humans send you into an abysmal chaos realm, it’s intentional. It’s so much worse knowing we’re here not as a sacrifice to the gods of anarchy but because some programmer had clumsy fingers,” Zach said, right before he lost the capacity for human speech in the face of overwhelming horror.

At time, what was left of the Coopers was seriously considering switching to Apple Maps.