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TV series you watched every single episode of in one night just okay

YOUR LIVING ROOM – After watching all three seasons of that new in a single sitting, got up from your nest of blankets, crumbs, and pillows that rage-screamed into — and concluded it was “not bad.”

Sources indicate that while you found the production values adequate and the special effects decent, you felt the pacing was a bit slow – especially in that letdown of a second season which you watched between the hours of eight pm and four in the morning.

You considered stopping after the first fourteen episodes didn’t really grab you, and then later when you were supposed to be at your grandmother’s 90th birthday party, but you figured you might as well just finish the series at that point.

Despite a multi-million dollar budget, an all-star cast, and the work of thousands of very talented artists, you felt the series just didn’t have the “wow” factor of other shows that you really got into.

Overall, you just didn’t think the show was that engaging. It was enough to temporarily fill the gaping vortex of existential dread that threatens to consume you from within, but not worth recommending to a friend.

At press time, you were preparing to share your thoughts in a 5000 word post that outlines the series’ mediocrity, while watching the latest trailer for season four on repeat.

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