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Justin Trudeau voted 3rd best Prime Minister named Trudeau

OTTAWA – Two years into his term as leader of , a new study has revealed that Canadians perceive to be the third-best named Trudeau in the nation’s .

The study, which ranked Prime Ministers based on forty-seven criteria, found that Trudeau was rated highly on areas like “fuckability” and “seems like a chill guy” but low on “effectiveness,” “hard work” and “remembering all the provinces.”

“Unfortunately it seems like Justin still has not recovered from his summer dip in the polls,” said the ’s Eric Grenier. “We knew he wouldn’t be able to maintain his #1 rank for long, but no one saw him sinking all the way to #3

People who rated Trudeau near the top of the list were likely to be against climate change, pro-Star Wars, and to not follow .

Those who ranked Trudeau the lowest were found to be single straight ages 40-50, and former liberal leadership candidates.

Trudeau’s rank of #3 puts him just below Zenon Trudeau, the Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Louisiana from 1792 to 1799, who admittedly was never the Prime Minister of Canada, but seemed like he’d have done a pretty good job.

A new study will be released next week, revealing Canada’s favourite author named .