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Heartwarming! This couple nicknamed their crippling co-dependence love

While most couples express their feelings for each other with cute Instagram posts or little gifts this took it to a whole other level. They decided to show each other how they really feel by calling their suffocating mutual reliance love.

“I don’t just want Kate, I need her.” said Mick Johnston “like I need her because I don’t have the life skills to live without her. We moved in when we were 19. I can’t cook chicken without giving myself poisoning. I don’t know what a hydro bill looks like or how to pay for it.”

Johnston and Nans moved in when they were 19 because they were 19. Thus beginning the financial co dependence that lay the groundwork for an all consuming emotional and physical dependency on each other.

“If this isn’t love I don’t know what is” said Nans. “I really really don’t what is. I’ve never felt great passion or even respect for a . Just the need to feel like I have power over another person. I figured this was what love was because that’s how my parents talked about each other.”

Experts have theorized that the resentment in the relationship began when the couple ran out of emotional milestones to make them feel they had any sort momentum in their lives. Undoubtedly their overreliance on one another to “complete them” will lead to a complete breakdown of the relationship at some point soon.

Nans and Johnston are currently expecting their first .

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