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Local man replaces entire personality with things he’s heard on podcasts

EDMONTON – After years of constantly listening to and judiciously keeping himself from any real world experience, local man Jacob Spoots has replaced every facet of his with things he has heard on podcasts.

“I heard about something like this happening on a Radiolab episode once or maybe it was This American Life” said Spoots. “Whatever it was it was better than having to be alone with my own thoughts.”

Spoots data entry job allows him to consume about 9 hours of audio content a day. To fill the time he listens to widely known podcasts such as WTF but also more obscure offerings such as NintenDads, where 5 middle age men in middle america argue about Mario games. Spoots also listens to podcasts as he does chores around the house “because it helps me forget that Barbara isn’t here anymore.”

“When I ask him how he is doing I don’t want to hear about something from 99% invisible” said Spoots mother Jemima “anyone can get a podcast. If I wanted that information I would listen to it myself.”

Despite opposition to family the reaction to Spoots new, borrowed personality has been generally received positively “I think it’s great, before Jacob used to tell me about his thoughts and feelings, which are stupid.” said Spoots friend Katie Ifran “Now he tells about the thoughts and feelings of far more interesting and better people.”

Spoots is currently recording his own podcast where he recaps episodes of other podcasts.