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Courageous actors speak out against Harvey Weinstein now that he can’t affect their careers

– Showing the fortitude the entertainment industry is known for, numerous actors have come forward to condemn accused sexual predator now that he has no power to stop them from getting roles or hurt their bank account in any way.

“I was absolutely horrified by Harvey’s actions,” said . “And I knew I had to publicly disavow him as soon as he was fired from his production company.”

“I want everyone to know I believe and support women who come forward to report sexual assault in strong enough numbers to create the circumstances where I had to back them or risk damage to my own reputation.”

Numerous have claimed that they only worked with Weinstein for so many years because they didn’t know about the allegations that have been publicly referenced and mocked at awards show since 2011. Others, like Matt Damon, have blamed the media for failing to report the story they did their best to suppress.

A number have admitted to hearing something but not knowing all the details. stated

“Sure I had heard rumours. But I thought it was just another of those situations where allegations of sexual misconduct hover around a powerful, wealthy man for years and then turn out to be nothing.”

At press time , and had yet to release a statement for some reason