James Woods decries liberals as “children”, immediately invites them on Vegas weekend - The Beaverton

James Woods decries liberals as “children”, immediately invites them on Vegas weekend

HOLLYWOOD, CA – After being subject to allegations of unsavoury conduct towards minors this week, actor and outspoken republican angrily took to , dismissing his liberal detractors as “children” – and then, seemingly through force of habit, immediately invited them to join him on an unsupervised weekend in Las .

“I don’t give a shit what you liberal degenerates think of me,” tweeted Woods. “You’re nothing but spoiled children. Let’s go to Vegas and we can just see what happens.”

While criticized in the past for dating 19 and 20-year-olds, the 70 year-old Woods became the centre of online controversy this week after actor Amber Tamblyn claimed that he propositioned her at age 16 – although Woods posted that “if you believe that, you probably still believe in Santa Claus, and we’d have a blast in Vegas – we’d be back the day after tomorrow!”

In a vitriolic multi-part tweet storm, the film and TV actor made it clear he had no patience for the thousands who came forward to shame him: “To the petulant babies – underaged in both mind and body – trying to smear my character, nice try. I have a car and we can go to #Vegas.”

“Get a goddamn life you depraved, nubile minors,” raged the star of Casino and Videodrome. “You inexperienced dewy young children have never even BEEN in a nice hotel with a hot tub. I’m old enough to buy vodka.”

Though accusations against Woods persist, his final tweet of the night made it clear he’s done discussing the subject: “Now I want all my little trolls to put on their onesies and go to bed. Final word on this: you’re little and you wear little pyjamas, rest up for Vegas with me, James Woods, where anything can happen ;)”

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