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Couple spends weekend binge watching their relationship die

REGINA – Local couple Cameron Lacks and Joel Divago are excited to unwind after a long work week by spending the weekend watching their relationship die.

“My last relationship I would watch our love die for one hour, every week, for 22 weeks.” said Divago “but this time I saved up all my resentment and I’m just going to plow through it in a single weekend. Now I can break up at your own pace rather than being forced to speculate all week.”

In preparation for the binge both Lacks and Divago shut off their phones, got into pajamas, and order what can only be described as an inordinate amount of Thai food. The couple also skipped a marriage prep class so they didn’t have to leave the apartment after a dramatic cliffhanger.

Lacks and Divago have previously binge watched their dreams die. They crammed the realization that they were never going to move out of their home town into just 9 hours.

“Binge watching has changed how we structure breakups.” said therapist Kimi Ders “Break ups in the nineties used to less dense and more self contained. We are truly in the golden age of break ups.”

“Joel likes comedies and I like dramas” reports Lacks “but our relationship dieing is something we can watch together. That and Dharma and Greg, that show has something for everyone.” Divago had started binge another relationship about 3 weeks ago but chose not to tell Lacks.

Divago and Lacks have said despite the pain the breakup caused it was still more enjoyable than 4th season of .

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