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Just because I’m a cuck doesn’t mean I support Justin Trudeau

EDITORIAL BY A CUCK – There have been many on social media who seek to label anyone who supports Trudeau and his liberal cadre as a cuck or some variation thereof. I think this sort of language is disgusting and regressive. As a proud cuckold it is an insult to myself, and all those who get sexual satisfaction from watching their wife in congress with another man, to imply that we would support such a weak leftist leader. To imply that someone’s sexual kink makes them bad is terrible discrimination, and as a white, straight, male conservative I know a thing or two about discrimination.

I hate Justin Trudeau with every fibre of my being. Instead of passing legislation or doing anything active he is too busy taking selfies. The only selfie I like is one that my wife takes while she is pleasuring another man, which she sends to me while I’m away on business trips.

I abhor the Liberal party’s fiscal irresponsibility. Trudeau is taking money away from hard working Canadians, like myself. Money that I could spend on paying someone to have sex with my wife while I sit in the corner and watch silently.

The only time I would ever support Justin Trudeau – not in any sort of government context – would be for him to have sex with my wife. Watching someone so much more handsome than me, so much more powerful, whose views are diametrically opposed to mine… Oh man, him having sex with my wife would be incredibly sexually gratifying. But even that is not enough to get me to vote for him!

How would you feel if every time I wanted to question your conservative credentials I said that you had a faithful partner in a monogamous relationship? It stings doesn’t it? Before you throw out “cuck” as a pejorative for liberals, remember that alt-right icon David Duke has run the r/cuck subreddit for years.

In conclusion, I think it is important that as conservatives we stop attacking people for being a cuck, or whatever their kink may be. It’s petty and distracts from our true goals. We should attack people for being muslim, or poor, or immigrants, or gay, or women, or transgender, or black, or young, or muslim, but not for being cucks!