Ezra Levant somehow tanks white supremacist website during most racist time in recent memory

TORONTO – Despite a huge increase in racism and racial violence across North America and the presence of a white supremacist in the White House, has somehow managed to entirely dismantle The , a news source of choice for bigots.

“Racism is a bull market right now and a lot of people are taking advantage,” said Dr. Jonas Elroy, a sociology professor at Carleton. “Which is why it’s almost impressive that has done as poorly as it has. It would be like selling a house in downtown Vancouver for below asking.”

Media watchdogs were stunned by The Rebel’s response to the neo-Nazi march. Instead of leveraging the terrorist attack to rile up his already prejudiced followers, decided to fire the crazy half of his contributors while the slightly-less crazy half resigned thus leaving The Rebel with no way to capitalize on white paranoia.

“It was a bold move to be sure,” said Elroy. “I would have just doubled-down, invented a conspiracy theory, and started selling more merchandise to ‘help the cause’. Seems like common sense. Then again, what do I know? I’m not running one of the biggest xenophobic brands in the world.”

At press time, former contributor had also left The Rebel and returned to the white supremacist newspaper where she got her start: The National Post.

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