Ezra Levant buys domain name therebel.com in attempt to profit from recent disaster - The Beaverton

Ezra Levant buys domain name therebel.com in attempt to profit from recent disaster

– Conservative pundit has reportedly purchased domain names therebel.com, therebel.net, rebelimplosion.ca, and other related titles, in an effort to profit off of the disastrous collapse of .

The actions resemble similar moves, which saw Levant attempting to exploit tragedy for financial gain. The sites QuebecTerror.com, LondonTerror.com, and similar domain names were pounced on in the wake of terrorist in the respective cities, with Rebel Media soliciting funds ostensibly for “investigations”. However it has been claimed that The Rebel solicited donations in excess of the costs of creating its content.

“We don’t know all the facts yet,” read a statement from WhyIsTheRebelFlopping.com. “But we intend to find out. Donate now to help us send a reporter into the dangerous, flaming wreckage that is The Rebel.”

“Maybe donate a little extra,” the statement continued. “Since we kind of have to hire a whole new staff at this point.”

With the embarrassing meltdown surrounding Rebel Media due to their support of far-right white nationalism, personalities fleeing the publication, and accusations of financial mismanagement, many see the domain name acquisitions as transparent scavenging.

“There’s definitely a pattern, where he’ll stockpile websites associated with fear, anger, vulnerability,” explained Ryerson University journalism professor Sheila Bianchi. “The Rebel was already the bastion of scared, angry infant-; so now that they’re in such a humiliating tailspin, it’s even worse. Levant is clearly trying to exploit the desperation of Levant and his supporters.”

At time, in what could only be compared to the act of a child pulling a blanket over his head for security, Levant took to Twitter to declare he would sue someone for something.