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Content creator really loves creating content

TORONTO – ingénue, Grace Codrington, says she creates not for fame or money, but simply because she loves doing so.

“I live and breathe content creation,” Codrington said, “All the acclaim and idolatry are nice, but I have to remember to stay humble while continuing to share my content with the world.”

Codrington supplements her income by working as the Assistant Social Media Manager for Hellmann’s Canada.

“I get paid to nourish my soul. In many ways, I feel my created content unites the world. I could create a for our new line of chipotle mayonnaise in the morning, and by nightfall I can see post engagement with people as far as New Brunswick,” the young content creator breathed contentedly.

“All the best hashtags are of my own making,” she admitted, “#Hellmanniacs #Mayodays are canon, but I really got to shine with #EggsOilHotPepperYumYum. I was such a fan of my own work, that I liked it off my personal account.”

The twenty-six year old juggles an impressive 14 platform presence, while continuously delivering new content consistent with Hellmann’s self-deprecating yet fun aesthetic.

“I strive to find the common truths shared between humans,” Codrington mused while staring deeply into her black phone screen, “I call it ‘relatable content’… In that way you could say, life imitates content creation.”

Codrington has said her phone’s storage is primarily composed of photo-editing apps and saved gifs; the instruments from which her content creation is birthed.

At press time, Codrington was exploring the artistic limitations of ’s new watermelon face filter.