Chiropractor not going to let the lack of medical training, education get in the way of medical advice

WINNIPEG – Overcoming all odds stacked against her, local chiropractor Kristy St. Laurent has been giving her patients advice about vaccines, toxicology, autism, water fluoridation, and other medical topics despite her complete lack of qualifications.

The 35-year-old alternative medicine practitioner has never hesitated to pretend that she is an actual doctor by advising her patients to never vaccinate their children despite resistance from what she calls ‘evidence-based bullies’ and ‘the law.’

“Do you know what they put in vaccines?” questioned St. Laurent whose formal training on the topic consisted of a professional-looking YouTube video by Nevada-based SunflowerHealing homeopathy. “Mercury. And that causes autism. But you know what will cure polio? Several spinal adjustments to build up your immune system.”

The courageous chiropractor has overcome a lifetime of scientific refutations of her claims and repeated warnings not to practice medicine from the regulatory body of doctors. After accomplishing four-year degree based on the pseudoscientific ‘vertebral subluxation’ of the spine, St. Laurent has worked hard at convincing people that water fluoridation causes cancer and took every opportunity to undermine the healthcare system so she could sell charcoal pills to ‘detoxify’ their body at $30 a bottle.

“I never gave up on a patient who questioned the legitimacy of my profession because I question the legitimacy of medical doctors,” added a stalwart St. Laurent.

Meanwhile, the provincial government of Manitoba says it will continue to subsidize chiropractor visits so that it can keep healthcare professionals who deal with communicable disease outbreaks employed.

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