University student working menial summer job unaware it will be permanent job after graduation

WINDSOR – A third year University of Windsor student working at a menial job for the summer months is unaware that after she graduates, she will return to the position permanently.

“This job really sucks,” said Kendra Allta about the call centre position with no benefits that she will be doing for at least the next decade. “There’s late nights and people yell about their cellphone problems, but it’s only temporary, so it’s worth it.”

The A- student who focused her studies in international relations and is keen on joining the foreign service will only be able to apply her academic knowledge by serving American clients irate about how their smartphone apps are not working.

“Ugh, and my supervisor is a dick, but that won’t matter since I’m blowing this popsicle stand in September,” she said without considering that one day she will reluctantly return to the same dreaded job under the same supervisor to pay for her .

The chipper young person with a get-things-done attitude says that her current pay of $13 per hour isn’t bad, which will be the highest salary she will receive until 2021, when the MRT call centre will be forced to increase it to $13.25 to adhere to Ontario’s new minimum wage.

Allta explained that it was hard to get out of a shift, which will be the reason why she will miss a job interview for an ideal federal government position five years into the future.

“I can’t wait to get a real job.”

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