Moans from basement only thing keeping local B & B from 5-star Yelp review

SUMMERSIDE, PEI – A recent survey of reviews for local bed and Lily’s Guesthouse have confirmed that the strange, definitely human moans being heard from the basement are most likely the only thing preventing it from getting five stars.

“Had a really nice time there,” said recent guest Brenda Falsborough. “But weird moaning was kind of off-putting. Wouldn’t have minded as much if I could tell whether they were moans of pleasure or not.”

“Four stars.”

Yelp reviews have mentioned ‘groaning’, ‘keening’ and even ‘husky grunting’ as far back as the website’s early days, in 2001,

“The rooms are all nicely kept, and the location is like something off of a postcard,” read one early review. “Granted, the staff ignore any questions regarding the almost unnatural wails from the basement, but the scones at breakfast almost make up for it.”

After reading the reviews herself, owner Jane Carell has decided that it might be time to look into the sounds.

“Those sounds have been going on since I took the place over from from my grandparents after they disappeared. I guess I kind of got used to it.”

Carell is planning to investigate the basement, as soon as she can find a visible entrance to room.

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