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6 money management tips from a toddler who just bought five Kinder Eggs

Hi! I am rich! I have five Kinder Eggs that I brought from the store. Do you want to know how to get enough money to buy fiveKinder Eggs? This is the most Kinder Eggs I have ever seen! I have a lot of money in my piggy bank, but I didn’t even need to touch it to buy these five Kinder Eggs!
I was at the grocery store, and I asked my grandma if I could have a treat and buy it with money, and then my grandma said yes, and then she looked in her wallet and she only had the green moneys, and it said twenty on the side, and that was the only kind she had so she had to give me one of the green moneys, and then I took five Kinder Eggs and gave them to the lady at the conveyor belt, and gave her the green money, and then she gave me the Kinder Eggs back. I HAVE FIVE KINDER EGGS!

Grandma was looking around, like this and she said, ‘your mother’s going to kill me’, and she looked kind of sad but she knew that if she took away my Kinder Eggs I was going to cry, so I got to keep ALL FIVE KINDER EGGS

I love Kinder Eggs. Because they have toys and chocolate! And I love chocolate and toys. I’m going to open the one with the loudest noise. Shake shake shake! This one. I’m going to eat it right now. Some of the chocolate is brown am shum ob da chokwip ib nop browm

MMM that was good chocolate. Sorry I forgot to share.WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS INSIDE? THERE’S STICKERS! I’m going to look at the instructions. This is going to be fun to put together! This toy is so cool. This toy is so cool.

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I still have FOUR MORE KINDER EGGS! Oh Wow! This is a good day!

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