Malala addresses dysfunctional foreign legislature where only 26% of representatives are women

OTTAWA (CANADA) – Nobel Peace Prize recipient and girl’s rights advocate Yousafzai addressed political leaders of Canada, a country where only 1 in 4 elected representatives are women.

Using her charm, humour and oratory skills, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize spoke to the crowd of mostly male Parliamentarians about the importance of educating girls and women, gender inclusion, and female empowerment.

“I am humbled to accept honourary citizenship to your country,” said a thankful Yousafzai about the North American nation that ranks 35th on World Economic Forum gender gap list.

“When women are educated, there are more jobs for everyone,” continued the girl’s rights activist to the leaders of a country where women only earns 73.5 cents for every dollar a man earns.

Yousafazai detailed how improving and empowering a generation of girls can improve the lives of everyone without mentioning Canada’s disturbing sexual assault and harassment history on Parliament Hill towards female MPs, staffers, and journalists.

“Finally, prioritize 12 years of school for refugees,” concluded Malala which, by coincidence, could also be said for the indigenous education system in Canada.

According to sources, many Canadians who heard the address thought it was so adorable that a brave young person is fighting against problems that don’t happen here.

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