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Jian Ghomeshi announces new podcast that will download to players without your consent

TORONTO – After being acquitted of multiple sexual assault charges last year, disgraced Q host is getting back into broadcasting with a podcast that your iPhone will download whether you like it or not.

“Initially we planned to just release the podcast and let people download it at their leisure,” said Ghomeshi. “But then I thought: how could I make this project fit my personal brand a little more?”

The podcast already has 30 million downloads, none by choice, and features discussion of pop culture, an original score by Ghomeshi, and the disturbing tendency to start playing automatically. The early reviews have been negative, with most stating that Ghomeshi’s voice was literally the last thing they ever wanted to hear.

”This is like when apple put that U2 album on my phone without asking me, but a million times worse,” said unwilling listener, Dillon Michaels. “Besides, isn’t this asshole supposed to be in jail?”

But Ghomeshi remains optimistic, noting that he has several high profile guests lined up including Bill Cosby, Casey Affleck, Bill O’Reilly, and swimming champion Brock Turner.

“People will come around. I mean, this podcast combines the things I’m best known for,” said Ghomeshi. “Music, the news, and ignoring consent. What’s not to love?”

At press time, the Canadian public were seeking an injunction against Ghomeshi’s podcast but it had been denied by an old, white, male judge.

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