Coachella fans really bummed this new Trump hologram is looming over the entire festival - The Beaverton

Coachella fans really bummed this new Trump hologram is looming over the entire festival

, CALIFORNIA – As millennials flock to this year’s , music fans were stunned to discover a giant of President .

“I mean, they had a hologram with 2pac but he’s a legend who’s been dead for over 10 years,” said Evan Channing, 4-year festival vet, “Trump is very alive and in our face 24/7, can’t we just get one weekend away from him,” said the millennial who is in fact largely unaffected by Trump’s politics.

The hologram, which hopped ominously around the festival, was put in place by Coachella organizers who felt they needed to outdo themselves by adding more unique and “instagrammable” moments from previous years. Organizers contend they were confident their a-political fanbase would “get a real kick out of it”.

“The hologram is everywhere: it appears on stage, at the concessions, even in line for the porta-potties! All while tweeting, watching Fox News and trying to grab women. Basically going about his day,” exclaimed Justin Marks, Coachella PR Director.

“It’s so annoying, I mean, can’t I just wear my native inspired outfit in peace?” asked festival attendee Sarah Fletcher.

Later in the evening, when the tiny-handed hologram started rapping ’s “Hotline Bling”, the crowd became confused as to whether the was about to go to war over an ex or the festival.

“Like, why did it have to be his huge fat orange face rapping? Like, the word ‘Trump’ in gold letters would have sent the same message and been way less annoying,” blurted a fan as she drank from her Trump brand water bottle.

Though Democrat and Republican attendees had differing opinions on the hologram, the crowd remained unanimous that it was cramping their style.

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