'Randy' from Trailer Park Boys wins Alberta PC leadership - The Beaverton

‘Randy’ from Trailer Park Boys wins Alberta PC leadership

CALGARY – The character known as ‘’ from the hit Canadian television show has been elected leader of the in landslide.

Wearing an uncharacteristic shirt and tie, the former assistant trailer park supervisor from Nova Scotia won over 75% of delegate votes. He has suggested merging his party with the Wildrose Party to unite the right, but says he has to check with Mr. Lahey first.

“Frig off, Rachel Notley!” Randy told party delegates in his victory speech. “I’m sick of these frigging carbon taxes and these frigging regulations. I’m going call Mr. Jean right now so we can put you jail!”

Randy has also promised to work with the Wildrose Party to increase the province’s oil and cheeseburger productivity, and will take a tough-on-crime approach towards Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles.

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