Editorial: My rant against Jews was taken out of context by the vast Jewish conspiracy which controls the world - The Beaverton

Editorial: My rant against Jews was taken out of context by the vast Jewish conspiracy which controls the world


Over the past few days, I have faced a backlash over the release of a video I recorded for my online show in which I talk about all the reasons I hate Jewish people. Unfortunately, my remarks were taken out of context and I have been falsely labelled an anti-Semite. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the Jewish people and I blame this misunderstanding on the vast cabal of Jewish controlled interests which secretly controls all aspects of global society.

First of all, I specifically mentioned in the video that my remarks defending Holocaust deniers should not be taken out of context. Much like saying “no offence” before saying something offensive, this completely absolves me of my 55 minute rant which includes blaming Jews for the Holodomor, saying they should celebrate being , and accusing them of dwelling on their victimization. Clearly the organized conspiracy of Jews and their banking, media, and political entities didn’t consider the totality of my comments before concluding that I was anti-Semitic.

I also know that the shadowy group of Jews who guide world events for the sole benefit of their pseudo-religion misinterpreted my comments as hateful because others totally got what I was saying. Community leaders like David Duke and Richard Spencer tweeted their support for my comments soon after. And even though I don’t really like Nazis, it’s always nice to see someone who gets , ya know?

Look, most Jews I know – like Ezra Levant for example – are upstanding people whom I love and respect. That’s why it feels so bad when the international conglomerate of Jews constantly force me to publicly point out all the things I hate about the Jewish people. If they just stopped talking about a minor incident resulting in the systematic deaths of 6,000,000 Jews in the most horrific ways imaginable and which occurred less than a century ago and for which there are still living survivors, I wouldn’t be forced to leap to the defence of people who seek to minimize the significance of that event. You’re never going to get over the horrors of the past if you don’t stop noticing all the incredibly current and relevant indications that it may start repeating itself! That’s just common sense.

But you know what? Mea culpa. I’ll be the bigger man here and say that I’m sorry and that I’ll never do it again, yadda, yadda, yadda. Honestly, it’s not worth the risk that the vast Jewish conspiracy will mobilize the next time they think I say something anti-Semitic.

Which, I cannot stress enough, I am not!