Ben Carson hopes to improve urban areas with Atlantic triangular trade initiative

WASHINGTON D.C. – United States Housing and Urban Development Secretary, announced a new plan to bring work to US cities based on an influx of unpaid “immigrants”.

“This country was built on the backs of millions of people who sailed across the Atlantic looking to escape their captors and build a better life.”

Mr. Carson made the announcement in front of his new staff and finished his presentation with a scene from his favourite move, 12 Years An Immigrant.

The new strategy of exporting free labour from the African continent to harvest raw materials such as cotton and sugarcane has been hailed by the administration as the right kind of open borders.

“We’re making America great again”, commented President Trump, “You don’t become great by over-regulating companies or letting people go home at the end of the night. Trust me, I wrote Art of the Deal and am a close personal friend of Frederick Douglass.”

Press Secretary later clarified that these immigrants would be needed to replace the jobs currently filled by the thousands of people the Trump administration is deporting, since no Americans were willing to do them.

BREAKING: We wrote a fucking book